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About Kappy’s On Call Beverage Planning & Delivery Service

We invite you to experience the exceptional, comprehensive beverage delivery services of Kappy's On Call. Our professional team is meticulous, showing great attention to detail, to ensure that your next event will be everything you want it to be and more. Whether you are planning your BIG DAY, a corporate event, or a small intimate party, call us and let's make it perfect!


Kappy’s On Call is a concierge service focused on perfecting the beverage order for your event and making ordering and delivery as easy and seamless for you as possible. We help clients choose their ideal bar order at every step of planning, down to the smallest detail. Our generous return policy makes sure you never have to worry about buying too much or too little, as we take back anything unused at no extra restocking charge. With a huge selection of wines, a wide range of local and national craft beers, and a liquor selection ranging from famous name brands to popular local spirits, we can handle anything from small beer and wine orders to full bar events.

Event Types



Kappy’s On Call is the easiest way to make sure ordering beverages for your wedding is smooth and stress-free. We work with caterers and wedding venues all across Massachusetts so that many details of a delivery are already ironed out before an order is even placed. We can handle anything from small beer and wine orders to full bar events.


Our devoted personal attention to your wedding means that wine and beer selections are tailored to your unique tastes and menu options. For couples who have no idea where to start, we even have an option for you to come in to do a private tasting so you know you’ll be serving something perfect for your big day.

Corporate Event

Kappy’s On Call offers a wide range of corporate services, from office party beverage orders to curating regular local craft keg deliveries. Many professional kitchens, caterers and other food service companies in the area rely on Kappy’s On Call to handle their deliveries, whether they’re routine standing orders or functions planned at the last minute.


Our delivery drivers travel through Boston and the surrounding areas every workday, making delivery quick and dependable. We’re approved suppliers at many local venues, and we work with local liquor boards to make sure we’re compliant with one-day liquor licenses or other requirements.

Private Parties

No private party is too big or too small for a Kappy’s On Call delivery. Whether you’re planning a birthday party, bar or bat mitzvah, pool party, office holiday party, clam bake, dinner party, or anything in between, we offer personalized, custom orders to meet your beverage needs.


We meet our clients wherever they are in the process of planning a party, from suggesting drink selections that match a party’s theme to filling orders when the client knows exactly what they want. Best of all, we can take back returns of unused product, so you’ll never need to worry about running out on the day of your event.