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Fourth Generation Family Business

Founded in 1940, Kappy’s is a fourth generation family business whose success is based on the ideals of exemplary customer service, great products and every day low prices. We are proud to be a Massachusetts leader in these categories.


Extensive selection of Wine, Spirits and Beer

Kappy’s prides itself on providing customers with an extensive selection of wines — we are always looking to expand and diversify the products we carry. Kappy’s Fine Wine & Spirits stores are known as places where one can find great quality, inexpensive wines, as well as wines that are on the higher end of the price spectrum. From Friday night ‘pizza’ wines to cellar-worthy, special occasion wines, we stock thousands of choices at every price point. In addition to carrying Massachusetts’ largest number of name brand items, we also directly source hard to find wines and spirits, providing a terrific price/value option for our customers.


It is not, however, just the wine category in which we excel. We maintain large craft beer and spirits selections at our locations. For decades, Kappy’s has been ahead of the curve when it has come to craft beer and boutique spirits, and our emphasis in those departments are always on full view.


Proud to support local companies and products

We have always placed a large emphasis on local products. For example, we were the first retailer to carry Samuel Adams Boston Lager. From ‘nanobreweries’ (an immensely scaled down form of a microbrewery, producing beers in small batches) to offerings from local wineries and distilleries, we strive to have the greatest selection of locally made products around.


This point is important to us, as we love supporting our local industry friends. Partnering directly with these producers to create special, limited edition products in a collaborative way is very exciting for us. Our “Kappy’s Barrel Series” beers are one example. With this series of releases, we provide local breweries with used bourbon barrels, and they produce beers specifically for our customers. Some really cool, interesting beers have been made for us this way. We know that there’s nothing like fresh, unique beer brewed right down the street!


That idea of locality, being a supporter and integral member of the community, is at the core of our philosophy. Whether it is carrying Massachusetts-made beers, wines and spirits to partnering with local businesses and organizations on promotions, fundraisers, etc., we strive to weave ourselves into the fabric of the communities we serve.

Our people are why we are successful

Along with our customers, the Kappy’s Team — our managers, sales associates, cashiers, and customer service representatives — are our most important concern, as they are a tremendous asset to our success. Our well-educated, knowledgeable staff members work tirelessly to provide the technical information and ‘back story’ on the products that they recommend, helping our customers to better understand the beverage in their glass. Our staff members go through vast amounts of product training and tastings in order to make the perfect recommendation and to provide each customer with the right product for his or her needs. Many staff members have traveled to California and Europe to see the wine-making process first hand. Some have also been to distilleries in Tennessee and Kentucky to experience the whiskey distilling and blending processes. This up-close look is an invaluable tool for us and allows us to share our personal experiences with our customers, painting a picture that brings them to the vineyards or inside the distillery.

Support of a National Organization

Kappy’s Fine Wine & Spirits is proud to be a member of the prestigious Wine & Spirits Guild of America, an organization of the nation’s finest beer, wine and spirits retailers.