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Donation Policy

Kappy’s Fine Wine & Spirits donates to organizations that focus on arts and culture and enhance the quality of life in our communities; to programs encouraging community development; and to organizations dedicated to health and wellness.  We support activities and special events that make our communities and surrounding areas fun and interesting.  We receive over 1,000 charitable donation requests each year, and we try to give each one careful consideration.  We wish it were possible to honor all of them.


Because we commit our donation budget far in advance, we ask you to adhere to the following guidelines:


Please submit your type-written request on organization or association letterhead and include:


  • The date, time, and location of your event.
  • A short description of your organization, its mission, and its programs.
  • A short description of how the item will be used (e.g., silent auction, live auction, raffle)
  • The number of people anticipated to attend your event.
  • The name, phone number, address, and email address of the organization or association contact person.
  • The manner of acknowledgment of Kappy’s Fine Wine & Spirits donation to the public and to your membership (e.g., advertisements, promotional materials, announcements at the event).

Submit the request at least four weeks prior to the event by emailing a pdf file to DonationCoordinator@kappys.com.


We will notify all recipients of the decision of the donation committee (follow-up inquiries from applicants are not necessary).


Please note:  Incomplete applications cannot be considered.  Typically, we will only consider one request from an organization annually.  Approval in a prior year will not jeopardize an application in a subsequent year.


 Kappy’s Fine Wine & Spirits does not provide donations to:


  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion disability, gender, national origin, or marital status
  • Individuals
  • Political/lobbying organizations or activities
  • Professional seminars/employee recognition activities
  • General operating costs
  • Academic or medical research
  • Pageants
  • Reducing debts or past operating ventures
  • Travel expenses
  • Medical expenses
  • School (K-12) organizations