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A Cabernet Bargain

One of our best selling lines of wine over the past few years has been the 90+ Cellars brand. Whether it's their New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Argentinian Malbec, Sonoma Chardonnay or one of their dozens of other wines, the quality (and value) in every bottle has been exceptional. Ironside Cabernet

The story of its inception is a familiar one by now. Created at the height of the recession when many higher-end wineries were having trouble selling their wine, the team behind 90+ Cellars saw an opportunity to 'make a deal' with these wineries, contracting a great price for a determined amount of cases (sometimes a couple hundred, sometimes a thousand or more) and selling the wine under the 90+ label. The wines ended up landing on our shelves for upwards of 50% or more less than what they would have retailed for under the source winery's label. The caveat, of course, is that 90+ Cellars was not allowed to disclose where the wine was coming from (if a 90+ Pinot Noir for $15 was on the shelf next to the source winery's $30 Pinot, which one would you buy if you knew that they were the same exact wine?!). Given these particulars, it's no wonder that the brand has been so successful.

So, last year, when the 90+ Cellars team told us that they had a Cabernet Sauvignon coming out under a new label, we were intrigued. When they told us that the wine was being made by David Sayre and Julie Schreiber (whose resume includes winemaking stints at Dry Creek Vineyard, Sterling, Flowers and others), we were excited. When we tasted the wine, which was sourced from some of California's best vineyards (including some in Napa Valley), we said, "back up the truck!" We were all in.

The wine is Ironside Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon. Unlike 90+'s model of buying finished wine, this time they set out to MAKE a great wine. Being Cabernet lovers, a great Cab is what they wanted. In meeting Sayre and Schreiber in their travels, they knew that they had found the right people to make this happen.

Ironside Cabernet is a big, but balanced wine. Unlike many of the juicy, 'fruit bomb' Cabs that are becoming more and more prevalent these days, Ironside Cabernet is drier and has more structure than those. Kinda what Cabernet is supposed to taste like. And this one also has the telltale blackberry, black pepper, and earthy note that screams Cabernet. With summer soon upon us, this is the perfect steak off the grill wine.

And though the 90+ model has changed with Ironside (making, not buying), the philosophy is in tact. This is a $15 wine that tastes like a $30 bottle.

--  Greg Knowlton, Wine Manager

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Updated 05.02.2015